Watch Billy Gibbons and Billy Joel Jam ZZ Top Songs

via Jim Powers / Youtube

Billy Joel fans at Madison Square Garden got a special treat recently when ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons joined the band on stage to perform two classic ZZ Top hits, “La Grange” and “Tush”. The audience erupted in applause as Joel’s band began teasing “La Grange” and Gibbons sauntered on stage. After being handed a guitar, Gibbons traded solos with Joel’s lead guitarist, Tommy Byrnes, Joel himself, and saxophonist Mark Rivera. The band then performed “Tush,” with rhythm guitarist Mike DelGuidice handling lead vocals.

Gibbons’ appearance on stage with Joel was a pleasant surprise for everyone in the audience, as they were treated to a performance from one of the most iconic musicians in rock history. The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement, as Gibbons and Joel put on a show-stopping performance that had everyone on their feet.

This isn’t the first time Gibbons has made a surprise appearance recently, as he also joined Elvis Costello for a benefit concert in Nashville where they performed several ZZ Top hits. The Texas trio is set to launch its headlining tour in early April, and this surprise appearance with Joel has only fueled the anticipation for their upcoming shows.

For Joel, who continues to play his monthly residency at Madison Square Garden and co-headline stadium dates with Stevie Nicks, Gibbons’ appearance was a dream come true. Joel expressed his excitement, saying “That was a fantasy come true” as Gibbons left the stage.

Overall, this unexpected performance from Billy Gibbons and Billy Joel was a moment that won’t soon be forgotten by those in attendance. The combination of these two iconic musicians playing classic ZZ Top hits was a match made in heaven and a treat for all rock fans. We can only hope for more collaborations like this in the future.