Watch Billy Gibbons Give Away His Guitar Playing Secrets

via @Noisey | YouTube

Watch Gibbons join Guitar Moves and shares his guitar-playing secrets. Hosted by Matt Sweeney, a show where the spectators get a chance to sit in on a private, exciting, and entertaining conversation about guitars, music, life, and craft.

Without being a heavy metal group, but rock and blues with southern accents, ZZ Top has always attracted an abundant public with a liking to the most seasoned sounds.

Billy Gibbons is one of the finest guitarists to speak the language of blues subtitled as southern rock, spiced with double meaning lyrics and subtle hints.

From his youth the path was marked by rock, forming part of the group Moving Sidewalks, where he recorded Flash (1968), the album that gave Jimi Hendrix the chance to open four dates. With that experience in his pocket and the music accompanied by his signature beards, he brought ZZ Top to the praise of a young Keith Richards; to appear in the movie Back to the Future Part III as the soundtrack for The Doc to dance with Clara, and to invade the radio with his hit “La Grange”, written about the Chicken Ranch, a famous brothel in Texas.

Along with ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons has become an icon of rock in its most traditional aspects, such as classic rock and blues-rock.

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