Watch Blue Öyster Cult Perform “Astronomy” In Maryland 1976

via @Bruno S. | YouTube

Watch Blue Öyster Cult Perform “Astronomy” In Maryland 1976 – perhaps BÖC’s masterpiece – where once again Lanier’s sinuous pianos climb up to your neck, intertwining their notes until they suffocate you with happiness, all with a Bloom in the form of a boss distributing his verses like nobody else.

As Queen would do a few years later with “We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions,” the powerful ending of the previous one is cut short to make way for the piano. One of BÖC greatest classics, “Astronomy” is even more so, thus ending the album with one of their best known and most remembered songs. A regular at concerts revised years later within their conceptual album “Imaginos”, and covered still as many years later by Metallica, thus joining the long list of groups (from Lizzy Borden to HIM, passing through Iced Earth or Candlemass) who have tried to add the personal melodies of Blue Öyster Cult to their own.

What you’re about to watch is the best line up of BÖC performing at Capitol Center, Largo, Prince George’s County. Maryland [USA], 1976 – Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma, Bouchard Brothers, and Allen Lanier – one of the best in the history of rock music.

Keep going for the video below and watch out for the guitar solo that will end all solos: