Watch Bruce Springsteen Play “Downbound Train” In Oslo

via springsteenbrothers/ Youtube

Bruce Springsteen, the iconic rock musician, delighted fans during his recent concert in Oslo, Norway, with unexpected and heartwarming moments. From fulfilling a fan’s proposal dream to reviving a beloved classic, Springsteen proved once again why he is a beloved performer.

A Proposal Made Memorable

During his performance of “Mary’s Place,” Springsteen noticed a sign in the audience that caught his attention. A fan expressed her desire for a harmonica, with the hope that her boyfriend would consider proposing to her during the summer. Responding with his characteristic wit and charm, Springsteen took the opportunity to make the moment even more special. He declared:

“Consider?! If [you] get the harmonica, that fucker’s proposing!”

Springsteen then invited the couple onstage, presenting them with a harmonica as he playfully nudged the boyfriend towards a proposal.

Reviving a Beloved Classic

In another captivating moment, Springsteen treated the audience to a live rendition of “Downbound Train” from his acclaimed album Born In The U.S.A. This marked the first time Springsteen performed the song since 2017, adding an element of surprise and nostalgia for his dedicated fans. The energy and passion exuded during the performance showcased Springsteen’s enduring talent and the timeless appeal of his music.

Watch Bruce Springsteen Play “Downbound Train” In Oslo in the video below: