Watch | Cream’s Full Performance In Royal Albert Hall Back In 1968

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More than five decades ago, Cream performed what would have been thought their two final shows at the famous Royal Albert Hall.

When the group decided to disband, the fans took it by surprise although the tensions between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were seen obvious and was heating up while Eric Clapton lost all his interest.

Cream, on their farewell tour, performed at around 19 cities in the United States before their final two-shows at the Royal Albert Hall on 25th and 26th November 1968.

The trio was not very happy with their performance. Baker commented that it wasn’t their best gig, ever, and that “Cream was better than that.”

In 2005, the group reunited which became extremely successful. 

The timestamp of the setlist below:

1:55 - Sunshine Of Your Love
6:53 - Jack Bruce interview
11:44 - Politician 
17:20 - Eric Clapton interview
21:48 - White Room
25:44 - Jam intro Spoonful
31:25 - Spoonful (cover Willie Dixon)
34:44 - Ginger Baker interview
39:40 - Ginger Baker drums solo
46:20 - Jack Bruce interview
48:36 - I'm So Glad (cover Skip James)
53:30 - Anthony Burgess interview
53:00 - Frank Zappa interview
53:33 - We're Going Wrong

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