Watch Dolly Parton Sing “Amazing Grace” With His Grandfather

via dollyaddict / Youtube

Dolly Parton was the oldest of twelve kids growing up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Despite the fact that her family had very little, she had unquestionable skills and ambitions. Dolly had always been adamant that her ambitions of being a country superstar would someday

The turning point in Dolly Parton’s career occurred in the early 1970s. She drew a large audience, and everyone was smitten by her beautiful blonde appearance. She rose to become a living legend.

She began a new endeavor in 1976 by launching her own TV variety show, Dolly!, in addition to her music and other film roles. Despite airing for only one season, it had great ratings. However, due to the show’s brief run, the legendary singer of country music was able to broadcast a touching episode. Dolly may be seen adjacent to what appears to be a southern church home, which served as the setting for a beautiful family feast at Thanksgiving and several events. She has her close friends and family by her side.

Reverend Jake, who she attributes to educating her family to sing and fostering an appreciation for music, was next introduced to us. To everybody’s excitement, Dolly also revealed that her grandpa would be performing the well-known hymn “Amazing Grace” for all.

Jake’s incredible voice beautifully and wisely conveys the narrative of a hymn. Later, Dolly and the rest of the crowd join him. Indeed, such a humble event conveys the unadulterated core of Thanksgiving’s real meaning.

When Jake thanked everyone at the end of the concert, Dolly could not really help but glow with pride. Keep going for the video below: