Watch Don Felder and Sammy Hagar Perform “Hotel California”

via AXS TV / Youtube

Don Felder, the former lead guitarist of the Eagles, joined forces with Sammy Hagar to perform “Hotel California” in Las Vegas, and the performance has been reissued by AXS TV. The iconic song, released in 1977, has remained a timeless classic, and Felder’s contribution as a co-writer and musician has been instrumental in its success.

In the video, Felder and Hagar take the stage together, with Hagar singing lead vocals and Felder on guitar. The duo delivers an electrifying performance that showcases their musical talents and highlights the iconic guitar riffs that make “Hotel California” one of the most recognizable songs in rock history.

Felder’s guitar skills are particularly impressive, as he seamlessly transitions from the song’s haunting opening chords to its intricate solos. As a former member of the Eagles, Felder knows the song inside out and his performance is a testament to his legacy as a guitarist.

“Hotel California” has been covered by numerous artists over the years, but Felder’s collaboration with Hagar is a standout performance that showcases the song’s enduring appeal. The reissued video is a must-watch for any Eagles or classic rock fan, and a testament to the enduring legacy of one of rock music’s most iconic songs.

The performance also highlights the power of collaboration in music, as two talented musicians come together to create something truly special. Felder and Hagar’s chemistry on stage is evident, and their performance of “Hotel California” is a testament to the magic that can happen when two musical minds come together.