Watch How Freddie Mercury Age From 1 to 45 yrs Old


His Life In Photos

Freddie Mercury was gone way too soon, we can all agree with that.

He’s one of those rock legends who deserved to live forever. But while he may no longer be around to see how much his music has affected our lives and even the next generation, his legacy will live on. His songs made the world a better place and there’s no bigger proof than the fact that over two decades after his death, people are still talking about him, his life, his talent and his contribution to rock ‘n roll.

In 2018, Queen experienced a resurgence in popularity after the massive success of their biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” 2019 also became their year when Rami Malek, the actor who portrayed the character of Freddie in the film, bagged the Best Actor award during the Golden Globes.

And it didn’t end there because the movie got another four nominations for the Oscars. Man, Freddie must be dancing around happily in heaven!


It would’ve been interesting if he were alive to witness all these. But we can’t change what happened, we can only look back at the amazing, fabulous and flamboyant way he has lived. And what better way to do that than to see him through the years in these photos?

Starting from when he was an adorable little baby who smiled as though he knew he was going to change the world one day until his last year on earth as his health deteriorated.

“I don’t really take myself that seriously anymore… I couldn’t get any more theatrical, I just think it’s the way I want to perform. It’s grasping a song and delivering it the way I feel. I don’t like sitting on a stool and doing a whole performance.” – Freddie Mercury

Watch this video and it might just make you cry.