Watch How Smooth John Entwistle Played “Baba O’Riley” In This Isolated Bass Performance

via Michele Cadonna/YouTube

On Another Level

Only John Entwistle can play this insanely good while looking bored. He also managed to make his performance look relatively easy and simple. And this is perhaps why, even with several great bass guitarists in the world of rock ‘n roll, he still left everyone in the dust. He didn’t just play music, he created magic with his fingers – you can’t say the same for other flashier bassists.

If you need proof, this isolated bass performance is all you need.

“The great thing about the Who is that there are only the two guitars, so I got to fill in a lot more holes when Pete was playing the rhythm parts.” – John Entwistle

In every great band, there’s always the quiet one (e.g. George Harrison in The Beatles) who’s more than content to stay in the background. John Entwistle may not enjoy the spotlight as much as his other bandmates do but his contribution to The Who’s sound is invaluable. There’s no way a mere human could play that well, he is a god. End of story.