Watch James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Tour You To Their Guitar Collection

via NickSong / Youtube

Metallica fans have been given a rare glimpse into James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett’s impressive guitar collection in a new video posted on a fan’s YouTube channel.

The video starts with a tour of Metallica’s studio, showing off the various instruments, amplifiers, and equipment the band uses to create their iconic sound. But the real highlight of the video is when Hetfield and Hammett take viewers on a personal tour of their prized guitar collections.

Hetfield shows off his impressive array of custom guitars, including a stunning black ESP Vulture and a striking orange Gibson Explorer. He also highlights his signature Iron Cross model, which features a unique design that incorporates the Maltese cross, a symbol that has long been associated with Metallica’s aesthetic.

Hammett, meanwhile, shows off his eclectic collection, which includes vintage Fender Stratocasters, Gibson Les Pauls, and a rare Gretsch White Falcon.

Keep going for the video below: