Watch John Lennon Tell You How He Saw a UFO

via The Red Kobra / Youtube

John Lennon, the iconic former Beatle, was not just a musical genius but also a man who intrigued the world with his eccentricities and enigmatic experiences. Among the many facets of Lennon’s life, one mysterious incident stands out: his claim of witnessing a UFO. On the cover of his album ‘Walls and Bridges,’ Lennon inscribed the date of the event, leaving fans and skeptics alike curious about this otherworldly encounter. Let’s delve into Lennon’s account of the UFO sighting and explore this celestial twist during his ‘lost weekend.’

John Lennon’s Astonishing UFO Encounter

During the ‘lost weekend’ phase of his life, separated from Yoko Ono and immersed in indulgence, John Lennon experienced a peculiar event that he was not shy to share. On August 23, 1974, at 9 o’clock in the evening, Lennon claimed to have spotted a UFO. In his own words, he was lying naked in bed when he felt a compelling urge to go out onto his balcony. What awaited him was an awe-inspiring sight—a large, circular object adorned with white lights encircling its rim and a blinking red light on top.

Despite the wild lifestyle he was leading at the time, Lennon asserted that he was completely sober when the UFO sighting occurred. He even attempted to capture the enigmatic spectacle, taking photos with two different cameras. However, no concrete evidence emerged from his attempts. Frustrated by the lack of explanation, Lennon reached out to the police, only to learn that they had received numerous similar reports, leaving the encounter shrouded in mystery.

Cryptic Messages and Celestial Connections

With no rational explanation forthcoming, John Lennon decided to immortalize his UFO experience in a rather cryptic manner. He inscribed the date and time of the sighting, along with a brief description of the event, on the cover of his album ‘Walls and Bridges.’ This intriguing inscription, etched onto the vinyl, left fans and critics wondering about the true nature of Lennon’s extraterrestrial encounter.

The incident sparked interest in the broader context of celebrities’ UFO sightings. Lennon joined the ranks of other famous personalities, including David Bowie and Elvis Presley, who have shared their own alien encounters. These celestial tales add a mysterious twist to the lives of these well-known figures, inviting speculation and fascination from the public.

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