Watch Ozzy Osbourne Argue With His Pet Demon

via Ozzy Osbourne / Youtube

Ozzy Osbourne upsets his “pet demon” while assisting Omaze in giving away a customized Dodge Demon.

The video clip below shows Ozzy and his demon interacting in a setting that is reminiscent of a soap opera. When “The Prince of Darkness” Ozzy Osbourne partnered with Omaze to promote your chance to win a personalized Dodge Demon, he quickly discovered that the slogan “Win a Demon” wouldn’t be popular with everyone, the voiceover explains.

The demon says, “I see all the signs and paperwork on how to “Win a Demon,” all at once. “Ozzy, how could you?” Ozzy replies, “It’s not what you think!” The demon fires back, “And what exactly am I supposed to think?” Ozzy responds, “Omaze is giving away a g–damn car, not you!” However, the demon isn’t buying it saying, “You know what? You really are something!”

The voiceover emerges and says,

“But lucky for you, the Dodge Demon is a car, and for your chance to win it, along with a signed copy of Ozzy’s new album ‘Patient Number 9,’ go to, and enter now. Best of all, every donation will support one of Ozzy’s favorite non-profits, Save the Music Foundation, and their work to invest in the next generation of music legends.”

The demon tells Ozzy in the last moments of the clip,

“Oh, and you know the whole biting the head off of a bat thing? You know I was doing that 5,000 years ago, so thanks for the credit on that.”

Keep going for the video below: