Watch Ozzy Osbourne’s Preview For “The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne”

via @Rock Feed | YouTube

Ozzy Osbourne is releasing a video preview of his upcoming documentary “The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne.”

A biographical documentary about Ozzy Osbourne will hit A&E screens on September 7, titled, ‘The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’, showing the life and career of the metal icon.

The documentary was originally announced in January and scheduled to premiere at the SXSW festival in March, however, the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The film will combine archival footage with new interviews, including the appearance of Ozzy and his family (Sharon, Jack, and Kelly), Marilyn Manson, Rick Rubin, Post Malone, Rob Zombie, Jonathan Davies, Ice-T, among others.

Through a press release it was revealed, “Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne, follows Ozzy’s life from his childhood in poverty and time in prison to leading the iconic metal band, Black Sabbath and his successful solo career.”

On the other hand, Ozzy is working on a new album according to Sharon, the musician would meet Andrew Watt in the studios and “getting stronger every day”, after a series of health incidents.