Seeing QUEEN Aging Together From 1968-2018 Is Mind-Boggling

via Angel Nene/YouTube

It Will Make You Feel Things

Queen has been entertaining us for close to five decades now but we’ll say it so you don’t have to – it was never the same without Freddie Mercury. He brought magic to every show and always took every single performance to another level. And so before watching this video, we suggest you take a deep breath because we’re about to take a trip down memory lane and watching Freddie through the years leading up to his death might be too much for you.

Nevertheless, his legacy will live on.

“The whole group aimed for the top slot. We’re not going to be content with anything less. That’s what we’re striving for. It’s got to be there. I definitely know we’ve got it in the music, we’re original enough … and, now we’re proving it.” – Freddie Mercury

So did they make it to the top? Absolutely. They gave us one classic hit after another and decades later, people are still singing their songs.

From starting out as “Smile” to finally breaking into mainstream and becoming a household name, it wasn’t an easy journey for these guys. But let’s be honest, who can ignore Freddie Mercury’s talents? Whether it’s singing or songwriting, he was clearly on a different level and only someone who has poor taste in music can not and will not acknowledge that.

This clip only makes us wonder what would have happened if Freddie’s still alive today. He broke the rules, took risks, and all that paid off nicely. He changed rock ‘n roll and we cannot imagine living in a world that hasn’t heard Queen’s music – or maybe, we just don’t want to.

Adam Lambert’s been doing a fine job as their frontman but Freddie is Freddie. There’s no argument on that.