Watch Singer’s Amazing Acapella Cover Of “Somebody To Love”

via Jared Halley / Youtube

Coolest display of talent we’ve witnessed recently!

Jared Halley, a singer, performs the lead vocals, the stacked choir portions, and the instruments on Queen’s 1976 classic Somebody to Love, demonstrating his extraordinary vocal range and talent.

It’s difficult to recreate anything that is regarded as a classic since doing so might diminish its effect and put your career at risk. Halley, however, who is skilled at producing melodies that are harmonic with only his voice, is an exception. He not only used his incredible skill to provide what was required, but he also made sure to show off how he sang the song! He also made all the noise that was required.

He undoubtedly did a fantastic job. We adore the music selection, even without mentioning his enormous talent. In addition to exploring sexual love, the song Somebody to Love also examines what it means to value friendship and trust.

Keep going for the video below: