Watch Singers Do Their Best At Singing The “Dream On” High Vocal Part

via @StevenTylerVEVO | Youtube

Aerosmith’s power ballad “Dream On” can be found on their Aerosmith debut album from 1973. This song, which was their first big hit and a mainstay on classic rock radio, was written by lead singer Steven Tyler.

The first time this song was played in public was in November 1971, at the Shaboo Inn in Willimantic, Connecticut. The band received $175 and a bottle of gin.

It was released in June 1973 and reached its highest point on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 59. However, it was a huge hit in the band’s hometown of Boston, where it peaked at number one on WBZ-FM, number five on WRKO, and number 16 on WMEX (AM). In June 1973, the song frequently appeared in the top spot on “The Top Five At Five” on the former WVBF (FM), where it received immediate heavy airplay as well.

In the video below, a compilation of artists tries their best to sing the high vocal part of ‘Dream On.’

Only a few people are capable of nailing that G#5. Most people’s belting/mixing ranges are insufficient to get them up there. Are these performers among them? Watch the video below to find out: