Watch Steven Tyler Instantly Captures Crowd With Public ‘Dream On’ Performance

via Aerosmith / Youtube

Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler performed a spontaneous, albeit short, public performance in a Kelowna park in 2015.

The 67-year-old rocker (at the time), who was in town for a show at Kelowna’s Prospera Place, performed the beginning to “Dream On” on a public piano in a local park before a scattering of stunned admirers.

Tyler is shown in the video approaching the piano, requesting to take a seat, and then performing a portion of the group’s song Dream On.

He spoke with the tiny audience that had gathered to greet him to Kelowna.

Everybody is welcome to sit down and start a song on one of the five public pianos situated around downtown Kelowna.

Tyler and his crew were dropped off in a limousine to Stuart Park, where he banged out some few chords of the hit “Dream On” before getting up and announcing that he needed to get over to his gig.

Keep going for the video below: