Watch Steven Tyler Outperform Everybody With ‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere’ Live

via @dutt561 | YouTube

It is undeniable that Steven Tyler’s sweet, tanned oak harmoniously malicious voice fits perfectly into the more melancholy and intimate verve of the country/folk/rock approach, as the track “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere” already. This track works well with its simple and extremely tasteful arrangements, in addition to the apathetic rocker outcome, embodying an auspicious principle for the job.

The performance below is “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere”, a vibrant song in which Tyler’s playful voice blends with non-rock instruments such as the mandolin, Cajun accordion, violin, and trombone.

You may be thinking that you are more than 70, but you have shown that old dogs can do new tricks too.

We’re All Somebody from Somewhere is the title track for his debut solo studio album which was released on July 15, 2016, by Dot Records.

You can listen to his performance below Live From CMA Festival: