Watch The Behind The Scenes Footage Of ‘Find My Way’ By Paul McCartney

via PAUL McCARTNEY / Youtube

We had never imagined a young Paul McCartney walking down a hotel corridor. Luckily our brain won’t have to do the job, with the latest video of the ex-Beatle with Beck’s help providing that image.

“Find My Way” comes from McCartney II I Imagined, the remix album of McCartney’s 18th solo LP, McCartney III, and its video receives a high-tech treatment that ages the musical legend back with colorful and surreal effects.

The visual was co-produced by Hyperreal Digital, which specializes in creating hyper-realistic digital avatars. In the end, it turns out he wasn’t really a young Paul McCartney, after all, but Beck himself in a hyper-realistic Paul mask. We’re am not making these things up!

At 79, the former Beatle looks like a man in his twenties. The musician has used rejuvenating technology to return to the age when he became famous with his legendary band. He is also wearing an iconic suit that he popularized in the early years with the Liverpool four. As the video progresses, he appears in different surreal settings and there is also a cameo of the real Paul running after his twentysomething version.

Paul McCartney is one of the few artists of his generation who did not get stuck in the past and move on, experimenting with music and reinventing himself through collaborations with other artists.

Watch the behind the scene (the making of the music video) below: