Watch The Black Crowes’ Cover Of ‘Oh! Sweet Nuthin’’ By The Velvet Underground

via anti4it Cam / Youtube

George Harrison went to his son Dhani for advice when he ultimately became frustrated with the status of rock ‘n’ roll. Dhani suggested a group that George Harrison had come to strongly like. Harrison positively remembered, “As for recent groups, he played me the Black Crowes, and they actually sounded OK,” complementing the group.

They appeared to resurrect the traditional musical forms, and they performed “without any of the bullshit,” which attracted a lot of the old guard. As they battled music back towards sincere conventions following the experimentation that followed the fall of the synth-heavy 1980s, this proved to be fairly significant in their own subtle way.

It therefore makes sense that they recently covered a different group that had a significant impact beyond their own at the time.

Brian Eno remembered:

“I was talking to Lou Reed the other day, and he said that the first Velvet Underground record sold only 30,000 copies in its first five years. Yet, that was an enormously important record for so many people.”

Fatefully added:

“I think everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band! So, I console myself in thinking that some things generate their rewards in second-hand ways.”

Despite the fact that classics like Loaded failed to reach the top of the international charts, the New York proto-indie rockers did in fact assist to birth a distinct direction in music. It remains to be known how on earth such a heinous crime could be committed.

Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker unexpectedly left the band soon after the album’s publication, many Velvet Underground fans believe that this is the group’s final record. With its soaring conclusion, one of the finest albums ever made, Sweet Nuthin’, serves as a sort of farewell for one of the greatest bands of all time.

The song paints a picture of the typical “guy on the street” in the manner of their music. We are all familiar with Jimmy Brown, the hapless protagonist; nonetheless, his story is typically not greeted with such a dramatic victory. This 2022 live rendition of Black Crowes’ loud ending is an effort to capture the same exultancy.

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