Watch The Late Gary Moore Play ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ Tribute To Phil Lynott

via Saracura Rubedo / Youtube

Robert William Gary Moore born in Belfast, Northern Ireland was a musician, composer of blues-rock and hard rock, and one of the leaders of the band Thin Lizzy, although he later had an extensive solo career.

In the nineties, he devoted himself one hundred percent to the blues. An example of his talent is shown in the song “Midnight blues.”

Although musician and songwriter Gary Moore only recorded one album with Thin Lizzy (Black Rose / A Rock Legend in 1979), he was a member of the band on several occasions. This was caused by the inability of one of Thin Lizzy’s guitarists, who were plagued by drug issues, particularly in their later years. Moore knew musician, vocalist, and frontman Phil Lynott, who died in 1986.

Moore was the appropriate man to arrange an associated ‘tribute concert’ when Lynott’s mother had a monument of her son dedicated in Dublin in 2005. On this performance, he joins the stage with numerous Thin Lizzy veterans, including guitarists Eric Bell, Brian Robertson, and Scott Gorham.

Watch the late  Gary Moore perform  ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ tribute to Phil Lynott in the video below: