Watch The Most EPIC Drum Video Cover Made For Styx’s “Gone Gone Gone”

via Drumeo/YouTube

Talk About Showing Off!

We’ve seen so many drum covers that we now need something a little extra to make us go WOW. And this video definitely didn’t disappoint us one bit. Imagine our surprise when we saw that it’s not your average cover version – he seriously went the extra mile here, literally.

Drumeo invited Styx drummer Todd Sucherman to play his band’s 2017 song “Gone Gone Gone” and well, let’s just say it’s on a pretty unique location. Unique in the sense that performing a drum cover in this place is kinda unheard-of. * drum roll please * The crew took two helicopters into the mountains of British Columbia. Let us just repeat that, THE MOUNTAINS. And as if that’s not challenging enough, Todd had to play in the pouring rain.

via Drumeo/YouTube

Well if that isn’t the craziest thing we’ve seen thus far! It will give you a whole new respect for drummers.

“This is what I always wanted to do. I come from musical parents – my father was a drummer – and I had two musical older siblings. I know it sounds trite and cliché, but I didn’t choose this life, it chose me. There were drums in the house and I was fascinated with them, I loved music from the time I was an infant in diapers.” – Todd Sucherman

This is on another level of badassery. Considering the not-so-perfect conditions, he managed to slay this jam and made it look easy too! Watching him play like this is jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring. You can clearly see just how passionate he is about his craft and we’re all here for it.

And if there’s one thing we love more than the epic solo, it’s Todd’s message. It will surely warm anyone’s heart and it’s also a touching tribute to every other drummer out there. They may have the best seat in the house but what they do is far from easy.