Watch The Streets In London In 1967 And See How Humans Rock Out The 60s

via Classic Car Curation / Facebook

The fashion of the 60s marked a before and after in the history of rock and roll clothing. Captained by an authentic cultural and social revolution, this decade brought with it optimism, rebellion, and the desire for freedom to a youth who wanted to break with the established. Repression gave way to women’s and sexual liberation, struggles against racial discrimination, and protests against wars, and the clothes of the 60s were a reflection of everything that was happening.

The first years did not bring great aesthetic changes and they continued to wear the classic Chanel Vintage style suits. But starting in 1967, things changed with the arrival of the miniskirt and short hair for girls. Two trends marked the fashion of the moment: on the one hand, the baby-doll style, which mixed innocence and sensuality with its box dresses, turtlenecks, colored stockings and branded Oxford shoes, and on the other, the psychedelic aesthetic and hippie, with geometric designs, high vinyl boots, floral prints and combed manes.

In the video below, the streets of London in 1967 expressed these ideas and fashions. It represents like no other the joy, fun, and optimism typical of youth, and, perhaps for that reason, we will never stop watching it whenever we want to reinvent ourselves.

Keep going for the video below: