Watch The Tearful Moment The Beatles Officially Breaks Up

via HDBeatles / Youtube

52 years ago, the media echoed an interview with Paul McCartney in which he apparently announced that he was leaving The Beatles. Five decades later McCartney gave an interview in which he revealed who really motivated the separation.

52 years ago, the British newspaper The Daily Mirror announced that Paul McCartney was leaving The Beatles. The day before, McCartney had accompanied the press materials regarding his solo debut album with a questionnaire in which he implied that he would not work with his bandmates again, and the news soon spread like wildfire around the world. . This gesture was interpreted as that he was ultimately responsible for the group breaking up. There were more things behind it, that was clear to fans and journalists, but that decision was made, that detail as proof of death and since then Paul McCartney has been held responsible as the last person responsible for the separation of The Beatles.

The quarrels and various problems that existed between the members of the group were becoming more and more noticeable. The first to step aside before April 10 was George Harrison. He was also the first to release solo material, specifically an EP titled “Wonderwall Music” in 1968.

But the member who put the ultimatum to the band was John Lennon, because he saw the success he had with his project with Yoko Ono, his partner: Plastic Ono Band, and even Lennon stated that during a meeting in September 1969 in Apple Records had the idea to separate the group.

There were several attempts to strengthen the ties between the members, such as a trip to India proposed by Harrison. However, it did not go as expected and that journey further marked the differences between everyone. This was reflected during the recording of “White Album” where the dominant presence of Paul McCartney was seen, a fact that caused him to have quarrels with Lennon.

Watch the sad moment in the video below: