Watch This Rare 1974 Performance Of Dream On By Aerosmith

A Young Steven Tyler Sings in His Natural Voice

Before Steven Tyler perfected his signature powerful vocal screams, he sang Aerosmith’s iconic hit “Dream On” in his natural singing voice, and still crushes it!

No one can ever sing this song like Tyler does, no matter what technique or vocal style he uses. In this 1974 performance, Aerosmith was invited to appear on The Midnight Special  as a musical guest. It was only a year after ” the band’s debut album was released and the single “Dream On” had taken the charts by storm. Tyler was only 26 years old, his youthful looks and energy evident, and his vocal delivery, flawless.

Tyler admits that “Dream On” was the only song on Aerosmith’s first album where he used his real voice. In any type of voice he uses, he sounds incredible as always anyway. Who knew that 44 years later, this song is still as timeless as ever!

Watch this rare gem of a performance below: