Watch Young George Harrison & John Lennon Chill In Tahiti Footage

via HDBeatles / Youtube

Two days after starting their vacation in Hawaii, John and Cynthia Lennon, George Harrison, and Pattie Boyd travelled to their last vacation spot: Papeete, Tahiti.

The Lennons, Harrison, and Boyd flew to Hawaii on May 2 before continuing to Tahiti on May 4.

“We had to stay in Honolulu for a couple of days awaiting the connection to Tahiti, so to get away from Waikiki we drove up to the north of the island to a beach where no one knew us. Then we flew to Tahiti, and at Papeete was waiting the sailing boat that we’d booked. We went to a couple of shops there, where John and I bought cool-looking, dark green oilskin macs.”  – George Harrison, Anthology

As Cynthia Lennon later described, the first half of the group’s visit was plagued by terrible weather.

“Our ‘yacht’ turned out to be a rather elderly fishing boat and it rained torrentially, monsoon style, for the first couple of days. I was seasick and wished we’d never set out. But once the storm had passed we had a wonderful time. Our Tahitian crew was happy and helpful and, much to our delight, had no idea who the boys were. The cook specialised in potatoes cooked a different way each night, which meant John and I went home considerably fatter. We lay on deck, swam, talked and ate and, best of all, the press never found us.”

The anonymity from the media was in complete contradiction to their situations in Hawaii, and they were only recognized on one occasions.

Lennon and Harrison vacation lasted till May 26, 1964.

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