We Can’t Get Enough Of This Amazing “Barracuda” Cover – Watch

via surfmiami / Youtube

An all-female rock group from New York called Plush on a mission to elevate an all-female rock band to the forefront of the genre, so don’t let their ages deceive you.

Four remarkable ladies under the age of 21 make up PLUSH, yet their achievements and skill well beyond their years. Moriah Formica, a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, is the face of this all-female rock band. The group is completed by bassist Ashley Suppa, guitarist Bella Perron, and drummer Brooke Colucci.

The goal of PLUSH is to revive the soul of rock by giving familiar sounds a brand-new, innovative twist. PLUSH wants to encourage young women all around the world to pursue their aspirations despite any obstacles that may stand in their way.

The rock group Heart recorded the song “Barracuda” in 1977 on their Little Queen album. Ann Wilson, Roger Fisher, Nancy Wilson, and Michael Derosier all contributed to the song’s composition. On the Billboard Hot 100, “Barracuda” peaked at number 11. Enjoy PLUSH’s outstanding rendition of Heart’s “Barracuda” in the video below: