We Finally Settle Who’s More Rock n’ Roll: AC/DC or Led Zeppelin

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There are giants who have left an indelible mark on the music scene. Two such legendary bands are AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. While both have rocked our worlds for decades, the burning question remains: Who reigns supreme as the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse? Let’s break it down.

AC/DC: The Blues-Driven Dynamo

AC/DC, hailing from the land down under, is synonymous with blues-driven rock and roll. At the heart of their sound was the rhythm machine, Malcolm Young, unmatched by anyone in the business. His guitar work was the backbone of AC/DC’s unmistakable sound. And let’s not forget Angus Young, whose electrifying solos have always danced within the blues scales, setting stages on fire.

Backing them up were the unsung heroes: Phil Rudd on drums and Cliff Williams on bass. Together, they formed one of the tightest rhythm sections in rock history. The recent passing of Malcolm Young undoubtedly changed the band’s dynamic, but AC/DC soldiers on, with a relative stepping in to fill the void.


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Led Zeppelin: The Musical Alchemists

Now, let’s cross the musical divide and delve into Led Zeppelin’s realm. Led by the enigmatic Jimmy Page, Zeppelin’s sound was a fusion of blues but with so much more. Page, known for his intricate guitar work, was a mastermind at putting music together. His creativity was akin to that of Randy Rhoads, another guitar virtuoso. Page’s guitar wizardry set Led Zeppelin on a unique path, blending blues with a musical alchemy all its own.

Behind the drum kit, John Bonham was a force of nature. His drumming prowess was, without a doubt, superior to Phil Rudd’s. Bonham’s thunderous beats gave Zeppelin’s music an unparalleled energy. The bassist, too, added to the band’s creative depth.


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Musical Creativity: Zeppelin Takes the Lead

When we compare the two musically, Led Zeppelin’s arsenal appears more versatile. They ventured beyond the blues, showcasing a broader range of musical creativity. Their talent was on full display, and they weren’t afraid to push boundaries.

In contrast, AC/DC, while masterful in their own right, seemed to stay within their bluesy comfort zone. Perhaps they possessed the talent to explore a wider musical spectrum, but they chose to stay true to their signature sound.

The Verdict: The Longevity Factor

While Led Zeppelin might win the creativity battle, AC/DC holds a different ace up their sleeve: longevity. AC/DC’s enduring presence in the rock world, even after the passing of Malcolm Young, is a testament to their resilience and timeless appeal.

As fans eagerly anticipate their performance at the upcoming Power Trip festival, it’s clear that AC/DC’s rock ‘n’ roll journey is far from over. Both bands achieved superstardom, and each has left an indelible mark on the world of music.