We Found Arguably The Ultimate 70s Medley Every Fan Needs To See

via Martin Miller / Youtube

Prepare to be transported back in time as we delve into the world of the Martin Miller Session Band, a musical journey that oozes nostalgia and pays tribute to the iconic sounds of the 1970s. Led by the exceptionally talented Martin Miller on guitar and vocals, this band is a hidden gem that every music lover needs to discover.

What began as a YouTube project featuring various session musicians from the industry has now blossomed into a powerhouse ensemble.

Alongside Martin Miller, the band boasts Marius Leicht on keyboards and vocals, Ben Jud on bass and vocals, Nico Schliemann on guitar and vocals, and Felix Lehrmann on drums. Together, they breathe new life into beloved classics from decades gone by, creating a musical experience that seamlessly blends the timeless with the contemporary.

From the moment the Martin Miller Session Band strikes its first chord, you’ll find yourself transported to a bygone era where music reigned supreme.

With electrifying riffs, soul-stirring melodies, and unforgettable vocals, this band will captivate your senses from start to finish.

In a mesmerizing performance, Martin Miller and his talented bandmates take us on a sonic journey through the 1970s, a decade that gave birth to some of the most iconic songs in rock, disco, prog rock, and adult contemporary genres. Their medley is a delightful tapestry of hits from legendary artists such as Kiss, The Bee Gees, Gerry Rafferty, Toto, Earth, Wind & Fire, Pink Floyd, and John Miles.

And who can resist the allure of the saxophone in the classic “Baker Street”? Keep going for the video below: