We Found Led Zeppelin’s first-ever recorded concert Back In 1968 – Listen

via @Led Zeppelin | YouTube

Led Zeppelin is an essential part of the music of the ’70s. With eight albums released in ten years, they left a distinguished mark on rock. But in the late 1960s, the Led Zeppelin story was just beginning to be written.

The original band that gave rise to Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, formed in 1963, although it underwent many internal changes in a very short time. That same year Eric Clapton joined as lead guitarist, which in 1965 gave way to Jeff Beck. Finally, a year later, Jimmy Page entered the band and stayed as lead guitarist. The group finally disbanded in July 1968, and Page started a new band with Plant, Jones and Bonham. Two months later, the English began their Scandinavian tour. And from there, one of the great rock bands in the world was born.

The importance of Led Zeppelin in the history of rock is that without a doubt it is one of the most influential bands within this genre, after the Beatles, they manage to position other genres other than what was pop rock. The graphic part and the Visual narrative has also been very important because they managed to make works of art with their covers.

Way back in 1968 there was a Led Zeppelin’s first-ever recorded performance. Jokingly billed as ‘Len Zefflin.’ The four legends performed on stage and was recorded for the first time — it was definitely once in a lifetime concert experience for all of those fortunate enough to be included in the crowd.

it was during the fifth stop on the group’s first US tour, the concert took place at the town of Spokane, Washington, you can listen to it below:


‘Train Kept A Rollin” [0:00]
‘I Can’t Quit You’ [2:32]
‘As Long As I Have You’ (incl Fresh Garbage / Shake / Hush) [9:15]
‘Dazed And Confused‘ [17:52]
‘White Summer’ [27:43]
‘How Many More Times’ (incl The Hunter) [34:31]
‘Pat’s Delight’ [50:07]