We Go Into Ozzy’s Mancave As He Talks About Sobriety and Rifles

via Graham Bensinger / Youtube

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has given fans a glimpse into his personal life by inviting interviewer Graham Bensinger into his man cave. The space is decorated with his favorite artworks and, surprisingly, air rifles. During the interview, Ozzy discussed his sobriety journey, which has lasted more than 10 years.

Ozzy, who is also known as the “Prince of Darkness,” reflected on how his decision to quit drugs and alcohol has changed his life. He said, “I’m sober now, and I’m enjoying every day of my life. I can’t change the past, but I can change the future.” The rocker has previously been open about his struggles with addiction and how it nearly cost him his life. His sobriety has not only benefited his health but also his relationships with his family.

Speaking of family, Ozzy also introduced his interviewee to some of the family’s 14-15 dogs. The Osbournes are well-known for their love of pets, and the dogs are clearly a significant part of their household. Ozzy joked that his dogs are better behaved than his children.

Aside from the personal insights, Ozzy also shared some snippets from his album, which was set to release in September 2022. He played some of his new tracks, and it’s clear that he still has a passion for music. The album is a testament to his longevity in the music industry and the enduring appeal of his brand of heavy metal.

Finally, Ozzy offered Bensinger a lesson in air rifle target practice from his backyard. It’s clear that he enjoys spending time in his man cave and is passionate about his hobbies. The air rifles may seem like an unlikely addition to a heavy metal legend’s collection, but it’s just one example of Ozzy’s eclectic interests.

Ozzy Osbourne’s interview with Graham Bensinger offers a rare glimpse into the personal life of a music icon. It’s clear that he is proud of his sobriety journey and is grateful for the positive impact it has had on his life. His passion for music and unique hobbies, such as air rifle shooting, demonstrates that he remains a complex and intriguing character.