We Just Found The Smoothest Cover Of “You Make My Dreams (Come True)”

via Scary Pockets / Youtube

Daryl Hall and John Oates worked together on this keyboard-driven classic with Sara Allen, Daryl’s girlfriend and the subject of the song “Sara Smile.” When Songfacts talked with John Oates about the tune in 2011, he said:

It’s a great song, simple as that. Good songs are good songs. They stand on their own, they can be stripped away of the production. A song is what happens when a writer sits down on their individual instrument and creates something out of nothing. And there’s magic involved and there’s inspiration involved. ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ represents a vibe, it represents a collaboration between myself and Daryl and the band in the studio in the ’80s. Its simplicity and directness is where the charm lies in that song.

@Scary Pockets, a funk group that uploads weekly music videos, crafted a fantastic version of ‘You Make My Dreams’ in quest of the funk. The arrangements and chord changes are fantastic! They were able to pay tribute to the original while still injecting their unique greasy funk flavor.

This effort seems to drain all of the funk out of a very funky tune. Keep going for the video below: