We Look Back At The Best Performances From Woodstock 1994

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Woodstock ‘94 – Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival of 1969.

These five acts stole the show during Woodstock Festival of 1995, though the original is still acknowledged as one of rock and roll’s best, these bands provided a nice nostalgic feel or a throwback to Woodstock ’69.

We Look Back At The Best Performances From Woodstock 1994.

1.Metallica – Seek & Destroy

Metallica was one of the biggest acts during the Woodstock 94, they somehow stole the show, and performed some of their hits. Metallica showed everyone what power, speed, and energy could possibly do, and they were in their prime during that time – Seek N’ Destroy was their killer and Jason Newsted took the mic stand and nailed it giving another strong tone for the song. They managed to get the audiences pumping and made the Festival extremely exciting.


2. Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends


The same song he performed during the original Woodstock Festival – it’s a nice throwback. He’s definitely the opposite of a normal performer – always pleasing his audiences. Joe Cocker, With A Little Help From My Friends, the same song he sang in the original Woodstock of 69′ – he performed it with the same amount of emotion and energy – giving the feel to the essence of the song. 


3.  Crosby, Stills & Nash – Deja Vu

Yeah, it actually feels like a Deja Vu, they also played on the original Woodstock in the Woodstock 69′, they did an outstanding performance, and they exactly relived that during their performance of Deja Vu at the Woodstock 94′ and no other group could pull off a performance like this twice at the same Festival of different years.


4. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion


No matter what concert they were at, Aerosmith will always be Aerosmith – they will always rock it! Their performance of Sweet Emotion in the Woodstock 94′ maintained their status as one of the greatest live performers.


5. Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Rock N’ Roll’s new blood at the time. This will get your blood extremely pumping. Closer was one of their biggest songs and with this performance, they have proven that no matter how complex their music, no matter how intense the emotion – everything hauntingly crawled under the skin of the audiences. You’ll definitely love the complexity and intensity.