We Look Into Why These Are George Harrison’s Worst Songs

via George Harrison / Youtube

George Harrison, known for his illustrious career filled with chart-topping hits and acclaimed albums, also had his fair share of songs that didn’t quite reach the same level of success. While his solo career saw remarkable highs, some tracks failed to make a lasting impact. Let’s delve into the reasons why these particular songs may be considered George Harrison’s less successful ventures.

“It’s Johnny’s Birthday”

This lighthearted track, co-written with John Lennon, lacked the depth and timeless appeal of their more celebrated collaborations, ultimately fading into the background of Harrison’s catalog.


“That Is All”

While showcasing Harrison’s soothing vocals and introspective lyrics, this ballad failed to strike a chord with listeners, perhaps due to its understated production and lack of a catchy hook.


“Bye Bye Love”

Harrison’s rendition of this popular Everly Brothers song fell short of expectations, failing to infuse it with the same energy and emotional resonance that made his original compositions so captivating.


“This Guitar Can’t Keep from Crying”

Despite its intriguing title, this song failed to live up to the expectations set by Harrison’s previous guitar-driven masterpieces, leaving it overshadowed and relatively forgotten.


“Learning How to Love You”

While displaying Harrison’s earnest attempt to explore the theme of love, this track lacked the compelling melodies and lyrical depth that characterized his most beloved songs.


“Here Comes the Moon”

Although a spiritual companion to the iconic “Here Comes the Sun,” this track failed to capture the same infectious optimism and brilliance, resulting in a less memorable and impactful composition.


“Baltimore Oriole”

Straying from Harrison’s signature sound, this jazzy experimentation failed to resonate with his fanbase, ultimately becoming a lesser-known and rarely discussed entry in his discography.


“Mystical One”

Despite its mystical title, this song didn’t quite capture the enchanting aura often associated with Harrison’s music, falling short of creating the transcendent experience listeners had come to expect.


“Breath Away From Heaven”

Hindered by its slightly dated production and relatively generic songwriting, this track struggled to stand out amidst the musical landscape of its time, resulting in its limited impact.


“Never Get Over You”

Despite Harrison’s heartfelt delivery, this ballad failed to leave a lasting impression, lacking the memorable hooks and emotional resonance that characterized his most cherished compositions.