We Rank George Harrison’s Bob Dylan Covers

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George Harrison was always Bob Dylan’s favoriteBeatles, and they formed a strong friendship throughout the group’s peak, ultimately led to them being true friends as well as comrades in the Traveling Wilburys.

They each helped one another through moments in their professions when they were having artistic or emotional difficulties. While originating from different places, the pair had seen the universe thru a common perspective, and Harrison’s Dylan renditions are an appropriate way to honor their camaraderie.


5. Absolutely Sweet Marie

George Harrison was one of the prominent persons that participated at Madison Square Garden in 1993 to mark Bob Dylan’s debut album 30th anniversary. Harrison’s live performances were rather totally unexpected, but he couldn’t miss the chance to pay tribute to his old pal and participate in a historic event.’


4. Abandoned Love

Harrison recorded a demo of ‘Abandoned Love’ in 1984, but it was never formally published for unclear reasons. It’s a testament to their camaraderie that Dylan let Harrison try to make it his own, and it’s still hard to believe the song hasn’t been formally published.


3.Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind

‘Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind’ has been covered several times, most famously by Jeff Buckley, with Johnny Cash also recording a rendition. Notwithstanding its grandeur, George Harrison’s rendition of the masterpiece is less well-known than the others.


2. I Threw It All Away

Harrison recorded his version of the song during the Let It Be sessions, and it is plausible to conclude that he was in a Dylan mood at the time. Remarkably, Dylan only played the song a few times over his career before abandoning it in 2002. Sadly, Harrison rarely played it live, but the recording is still available.


1. If Not For You

Harrison came to Woodstock to play with Bob Dylan and The Band before commencing production on his debut solo album, All Things Must Pass, which spurred his creative inclinations. The occasion had several rewards, including Harrison getting ‘If Not For You.’