We Rank The 3 Best Tracks In David Bowie’s ‘Aladdin Sane

via David Bowie / Youtube

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of David Bowie’s iconic album “Aladdin Sane” in April 2023, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the brilliance of this glam-rock masterpiece. With no bad songs to be found on the record, it remains a testament to Bowie’s unparalleled artistry and creativity. We’ll delve into three standout tracks that continue to showcase the essence of “Aladdin Sane.”

1. “Watch That Man”

“Watch That Man” opens the album with a burst of energy, capturing the essence of the glam-rock era. Inspired by Bowie’s encounter with the New York Dolls and their extravagant lifestyle, the song introduces us to the character “Shakey,” who serves as the life of the party. Bowie weaves a vivid tale of a wild night, setting the scene for the rest of the album. The cocksure glam-rock instrumentation, with hidden vocals amidst a bed of guitars, adds to the allure of the track, making it a perfect choice to kickstart one of Bowie’s finest albums.

2. “Cracked Actor”

“Cracked Actor” takes us on a gritty journey through the decadence of street life, as Bowie delves into the world of prostitution, drugs, and the dark underbelly of downtown Los Angeles. With scenes inspired by real-life encounters, Bowie’s storytelling prowess shines as he invites listeners to peer into the lives of its characters. The distorted sounds and Bowie’s declamatory style add a sense of urgency and edginess to the track, making it a compelling exploration of a different aspect of life’s complexities.

3. “Lady Grinning Soul”

In contrast to the glam-rock fervor of the rest of the album, “Lady Grinning Soul” stands out as a serene and ethereal piece. The song’s languid and ethereal composition, led by Mike Garson’s delicate piano, transports listeners to another realm of tranquility. As the final track on “Aladdin Sane,” it provides a soothing landing after an electrifying journey through Bowie’s musical brilliance. With soft streaks of notes, Bowie ascends to the heavens, leaving listeners captivated and yearning for more adventures in his musical universe.