We Review The Rolling Stones’ New Album “‘Hackney Diamonds”

via Alexey Roshchupkin / Youtube

After nearly two decades since their last studio album of original material, The Rolling Stones have made a triumphant return with “Hackney Diamonds.” In a musical landscape where experimentation often takes the lead, the Stones chose a different path: simplicity. The result is a 48-minute album that brings back the pure essence of Rolling Stones, reminding fans of the band’s timeless rock and roll spirit.

From the opening chords of “Angry,” it’s evident that the Stones are back to doing what they do best.

The track, although somewhat formulaic, sets the tone for the album – a blend of classic riffs, energetic rhythms, and Mick Jagger’s unmistakable vocals. While some might call it a throwback, others will see it as a refreshing return to the roots of rock and roll.

Despite the familiarity, “Hackney Diamonds” offers surprises and moments of brilliance. Tracks like “Get Close” and “Depending On You” showcase the band’s ability to infuse pop-rock energy and country influences into their music. The collaboration with music icon Paul McCartney on “Bite My Head Off” adds a delightful twist, elevating the album’s energy.

However, the real gems of the album emerge in unexpected places.

“Driving Me Too Hard” explores the band’s potential in the realm of country rock, displaying a moodier side to their music. “Tell Me Straight,” featuring Keith Richards on lead vocals, becomes a standout moment, showcasing his introspective songwriting and adding depth to the album.

The album’s pinnacle arrives with “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” a gospel-infused track that sees Jagger’s voice in prime form. The song escalates into a vocal showdown between Jagger and Lady Gaga, creating a climactic moment that captures the essence of the Stones’ musical prowess.

As “Hackney Diamonds” draws to a close, the band pays homage to their roots with a cover of Muddy Waters’ “Rolling Stone Blues.” This gesture, more than 60 years after they adopted the name, brings the album full circle, highlighting their enduring connection to the blues that inspired them from the beginning.

In the grand scheme of the Stones’ extensive catalog, “Hackney Diamonds” might not stand as a groundbreaking masterpiece.

However, what it achieves is remarkable: it captures the essence of the Rolling Stones’ legacy while infusing a newfound vitality. The album proves that age is no barrier to creativity and that the Stones continue to shine as elder statesmen of rock and roll.

In conclusion, “Hackney Diamonds” is not just an album; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of the Rolling Stones. With its loose, fun, and joyous vibe, the album reaffirms the band’s status as one of the greatest rock acts in history. Whether this marks the end of their musical journey or another chapter in their storied career, one thing is clear – the Rolling Stones have once again delivered, reminding us all why their music has stood the test of time. Call it what you will, but “Hackney Diamonds” is undeniably a success.