We’re Completely Blow Away By How These Guys Sound And Look Like The Beatles – You Gotta See Them Play

via Michael Woodall/YouTube

It’s Way Too Good

Over the years, there hasn’t been any shortage of The Beatles tribute bands. Browse on YouTube and it seems like you see new groups on a daily basis. But alas, not all of them can give justice to The Fab Four’s classic hits. Truth be told, we rarely come across something that blows us away. But when we saw this video that you’re about to see, we were more than impressed. We were stunned by what we saw and heard.

At a time when anyone can achieve international fame as long as they have the looks or the right gimmicks, this is absolutely refreshing. It takes us back to that era when genuine talent was everything. The Beatles were more than four pretty boys – they were songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and they made revolutionary and groundbreaking albums.

And this tribute band is perhaps the closest thing we have to experiencing how it feels to watch The Beatles live.