We’re Totally Blown Away By This Roxette’s “Listen to Your Heart” Cover

via Gamazda / youtube

“Listen to Your Heart” is a timeless classic by the Swedish rock duo Roxette. Released in 1988 on their album “Look Sharp!”, the song is known for its powerful lyrics and beautiful melody that continues to captivate listeners over three decades later.

Written by Per Håkan Gessle and Mats Persson, “Listen to Your Heart” quickly gained popularity and peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has been covered by numerous artists and has become a beloved staple in the music industry.

One such rendition that stands out is the piano cover of “Listen to Your Heart” by the talented musician Gamazda. The cover, which was posted on YouTube, features Gamazda playing the piano with impressive skill and sensitivity, bringing out the emotion and beauty of the song through her playing.

As Gamazda’s fingers dance across the keys, one can’t help but feel moved by the power of the music.

The cover has received much praise and positive feedback from viewers, with many commenting on Gamazda’s talent and the beauty of the song itself. The emotional impact of “Listen to Your Heart” is undeniable, and Gamazda’s rendition does it justice by capturing its essence in a unique and personal way.

Keep going for the video below: