What Was Charlie Watts Lifestyle Before His Death

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Charlie Watts, the drummer of the British band Rolling Stones, has died at the age of 80, reported this Tuesday (08/24/2021) Bernard Doherty, representative of the musician. The musician, who announced earlier this month that he would not participate in this year’s tour, was instrumental in the group’s sound.

Charlie Watts died in London after fighting for 17 years — diagnosed with throat cancer. — against the disease. Earlier this month he had dropped off the September tour after doctors noticed a “problem” during a routine checkup – and had to perform a medical intervention of the that no further details were provided.

Watts had been diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2004, despite quitting smoking in the late 1980s and leading a healthy lifestyle.

After undergoing surgery, the musician completed six weeks of radiotherapy treatment. “I thought I was going to die,” he had told a British media in 2011.

In comparison to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts mostly stays in the background. But the Briton is not only responsible for the tight rhythm of the band, but also an excellent jazz drummer. He provides proof of this in the form of “Charlie Watts meets The Danish Radio Big Band”, a swinging big band recording with a Watts who obviously feels at least as comfortable with the drums of such a large ensemble as he does with his “main band”. Stone recorded its swing album in the far north with the excellent band, who also recorded an excellent live album with Curtis Stigers in 2016. The result is Watts ’most successful fling into jazz to date. In addition to well-known jazz standards and a suite from the Watts ‘pen, the three Stones classics“ Satisfaction ”,“ You Can’t Always Get What You Want ”and“ Paint It Black ”were made to swing.

Charlie Watts has always retained his love of jazz. In the mid-1980s he founded his own big band with prominent jazz musicians such as Stan Tracy, Evan Parker, and Courtney Pine, who toured all over the world. Then, in the early 1990s, he formed a quintet with bassist and childhood friend David Green, alto saxophonist Peter King, pianist Brian Lemon, and trumpeter Gerard Presencer. The latter, otherwise known for his collaboration with Us3, The Brand New Heavies, Matt Bianco, Zero 7, Incognito, Ray Charles, Joni Mitchell, and Chick Corea, also initiated the joint project with the Danish Radio Big Band.

Fans who follow all the official and private events of the rock band The Rolling Stones have long observed the drummer’s special behavior. Charlie Watts admits he doesn’t like rock music. He loves jazz. But why does a musician love one thing and play another? Charlie responds simply – it’s my job. Likewise, he doesn’t like touring. According to his habits, he is a homely man. And never use the things and toiletries offered in hotels. The drummer prefers to carry everything with him. And Watts doesn’t like the favor of female fans. He doesn’t attend parties after the show and remains faithful to his wife.

The drummer is easily distinguished from the other members of the costume group. Charlie always adheres to the classic image. Fresh shirt, tie, and formal jacket. The hair is separated. Once at a concert, fans took to the stage and began to snatch musical instruments from the performers. And just for Watts, no one dared approach. And the drummer completely played the rhythm of a song that no one else sang.