What Happens When Eric Johnson Plays A Stratocaster Guitar That Was Made For Jimi Hendrix

via Songbirds Foundation/YouTube


Eric Johnson is a sophisticated, creative and versatile guitar player. He is on another league and there are very few other guitarists who deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as him. He’s technically proficient and you can always hear clean tones each time he played. Anyone who tries imitating him will quickly realize there’s no way they can pull it off with ease. You have to be Eric Johnson to do so.

Okay, now that we’ve established how much of a legend Eric is, imagine if he played a guitar which was made for another axeslinging rock god – Jimi Hendrix.

“I was blown away by the feedback and fuzz and all that, but then I started to get into Jimi’s overall musicality. Once the shock and the ‘oh wow!’ factor wore off, I realized what a consummate artist he was. That’s what impressed me, his total artistic vision; that his guitar playing, while brilliant, was never gratuitous but was part of the whole deal. Jimi was always about the song, the album, the statement, the mood.” – Eric Johnson


He has such an amazing and distinctive sound – proof that he’s way above average and that his skills are no joke. And he’s always been vocal about being blown away by Jimi Hendrix’s mad axeslinging talent.

“What’s interesting about Hendrix is that even though he was such an amazing guitarist, his music would have mattered even if there wasn’t one guitar solo at all. I’m spellbound by the 3D quality of the music itself.” – Eric Johnson

Eric is a perfectionist – you can hear that whenever he plays. He’s picky about his sound and he won’t stop until he gets it right. And no matter how fast or complicated the song is, Eric manages to make everything look easy and effortless – until you actually try it out for yourself. He’s the real deal.