What Was The Greatest Guitar Solo

Jimmy Page playing a Gibson double neck guitar on stage with British heavy rock group Led Zeppelin, at Earl's Court, London, May 1975. The band were initially booked to play three nights at the venue, from 23rd to 25th May, but due to public demand, two more concerts were later added, for 17th and 18th May. Total ticket sales were 85,000. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

Music lovers often debate about the greatest guitar solos of all time, and there are certainly plenty of contenders. However, one solo that stands out among the rest is Eddie Hazel’s performance on “Maggot Brain.”

Hazel was a guitarist for the band Funkadelic, which was founded by George Clinton in the 1960s. “Maggot Brain” is the title track from Funkadelic’s 1971 album, and it’s a hauntingly beautiful instrumental piece that showcases Hazel’s extraordinary talent.

The story behind the recording of “Maggot Brain” is as fascinating as the music itself. George Clinton reportedly told Hazel to play the solo as if he had been told his mother had just died, but then learned it was not true. The result is a solo that is both mournful and soulful, full of emotion and raw feeling. He uses a variety of techniques to create a range of sounds, from soaring and ethereal to dark and brooding. His use of feedback and distortion is particularly noteworthy, as he bends and twists the notes in unexpected ways.

What makes this solo so great, however, is not just Hazel’s technical skill, but the way he uses his guitar to convey deep emotion. The solo builds to a climax that is both powerful and moving as if the spirit of a generation crying out as their dreams were taken from them had chosen Eddie’s guitar as its voice on that particular day.

Sadly, Eddie Hazel died in 1992 at the age of 42, and he never received the recognition he deserved during his lifetime. But his legacy lives on through recordings like “Maggot Brain,” which continue to inspire and move music lovers today.

Eddie Hazel’s solo on “Maggot Brain” is not just a guitar solo, but a work of art that transcends the boundaries of genre and time. Showcasing the power of music to express the deepest human emotions and a reminder of the incredible talent that Hazel possessed.

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