Where Are They Now Series: AC/DC

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Let There Be Rock

They were huge in the ’70s and ’80s. In those decades, you cannot think of rock ‘n roll without any of their classic tunes crossing your mind. And more than their great songs, they also withstood the test of time. They even managed to rise above unforeseen events that threatened to shake the very foundation of the band.

If we had to describe AC/DC in one word, it would be “resilient.” They didn’t lose a frontman just once but twice. But somehow in both instances, they still went ahead to complete albums and tour dates. They lived by the old adage, “The show must go on.”

Now let’s take a look at all the past and present members and what happened to them. Where are they know? What are they currently up to?

Angus Young

Just this August, Angus Young was spotted with nephew Stevie in Vancouver which further fueled up the rumor that most of the original lineup are back together.

Malcolm Young

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The co-founder and rhythm guitarist of the group died at the age of 64 years old on November 18, 2017. Prior to that, he suffered from lung cancer in 2010 but received treatment and also underwent surgery at an early stage which contributed to the success of removing the cancer cells. However, he had heart problems too and even had a pacemaker. Around three years before succumbing to death, Malcolm was diagnosed with dementia.

Larry Van Kriedt

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He was AC/DC’s first bassist and this year, he keeps on playing in front of crowds at intimate venues. Last June, he participated in the Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival and on July, he performed at the Leopold Square in Sheffield. He currently plays jazz, soul and blues.

Dave Evans

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Dave Evans is the first vocalist for AC/DC during their glam rock era. He was dropped when they realized he wasn’t exactly the suitable frontman for them. In 2017, he collaborated with Norwegian rock band ‘Barbed Wire’ and released the album “Wild.” On April this year, he was inducted as an honorary police officer in Tenaha, Texas.

Colin Burgess

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He’s AC/DC’s original drummer and is currently part of the Dead Singer Band that tours around Australia. They’re a tribute group that aims to “honour the legacy of a prime selection of Australia’s singing icons.”

Bon Scott

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This legendary AC/DC frontman died on February 19,1980 – just a few weeks before they were going to start recording “Back in Black.” He was found dead at the back of his friend’s car due to alcohol intoxication.

Mark Evans

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He was the band’s bassist from March 1975 to June 1977 and he is currently with the Australian rock ‘n roll band Rose Tattoo who are touring in Europe. Back in 2011, he also released his memoir called “Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside Of AC/DC.”

Phil Rudd

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He was dropped from the Rock or Bust World Tour because of his charges but from the photos seen below, it seems like he’s slated to join the band again. He was spotted in Vancouver outside a recording studio with Brian Johnson.

Cliff Williams

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It was on July 7, 2016 when Cliff announced his retirement. For his last performance with AC/DC which happened in Philadelphia, Angus Young led him to the front of the stage to take a bow.

Brian Johnson

Although he was dismissed from AC/DC because of his worsening hearing loss, it seems like hope is not lost because along with Phil Rudd, he was recently seen outside the very same recording studio Angus and Stevie Young were enjoying a smoke a few days later.

Simon Wright

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He joined AC/DC after Rudd’s departure in 1983 and recorded three albums with the band. He is currently with the progressive metal band Operation: Mindcrime fronted by Geoff Tate, Queensrÿche’s former lead vocalist. They have tour dates around US.

Chris Slade

He was asked to be AC/DC’s drummer after Simon Wright left and he was with the band for the Rock or Bust World Tour. He recently played AC/DC classics with The Chris Slade Timeline in Europe.

Stevie Young

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Like his uncle Angus, Stevie was also pictured in Vancouver outside the recording studio.