Who Are The Other “Next Led Zeppelin” Bands?

L-R: Danny Wagner, Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka, Josh Kiszka

Next Led Zeppelin Or Not? 

When the Led Zeppelin first came out and released their debut album, they had forever changed the course of hard-rock music.

Led Zeppelin is considered one of the greatest band ever because of a few reasons; musical and social influences. Each member had the mastery of their own instruments, and their sense of music is so diverse that it spans from your average blues rock music to proto-metal such as Immigrant Song.

They are respected and revered as LEGENDS because of the music they created. They are not just your typical rock band. They are a legacy who changed the definition of rock music and how we knew it.

Is there no Rock Bands today who has the same musical prowess as the Led Zeppelin? Well there still are, and we are simply ignoring them:


Rival Sons


Based in Los Angeles California, Rival Sons formed in 2008.  The vocals had the Plant similarity, and obviously, they are influenced by Led Zeppelin as well as the bunch of other guys were heavily influenced by them too like Deep Purple, Humble Pie, etc. from the late ’60s early ’70s. With so much shitty being called music these days, it’s nice to see a band that can rock as hard as the Led Zeppelin.



The band emerged in the midst ’00s rock scene, Australia based rockers took the step further and honed a sound very similar to Led Zeppelin. They’ve released their self-titled debut album in 2005, that gave a nostalgic kind of vibes especially the fourth single “Woman,” which was heavily compared to one of rock’s greatest bands, the ZEPS.


Greta Van Fleet

We all have discovered the young boys from Frankenmuth, Michigan recently, and just when we thought rock is dead, along came these four children. Whether they are compared heavily to Led Zeppelin or not it kind of melts your heart to hear this kind of stuff from today. They truly restored our faith in the modern music scene. We just can’t wait for their first studio album.