Who Should Be The Cast Of The New Beatles Biopic

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The Beatles have been the most popular band in the world since 1960. The band has sold more than 800 million albums. They had 20 number one hits on Billboard. They changed the face of rock and roll and pop music and influenced the music. Fab Four had a successful solo career after the separation in 1970. The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were also inducted for their successful solo careers.

Here is how we would pick to the cast to portray The Beatles for a biopic film:

1. John Lennon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Many great actors could portray John Lennon. However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be excellent in the part. Gordon-Levitt is a solid actor who has showcased the ability to mold himself for a role. He could simply act as a young John Lennon, throughout his triumphant Beatles years and his solo career throughout his unfortunate death in 1980. 

Ezra Miller

This is an artist who may not constantly gain the appreciation he deserves, but he not simply looks the part, yet has shown that he can manage the responsibility of becoming any character given to him, also in what could be his most significant character yet. Ezra Miller can easily become John Lennon if Hollywood wants him to be!


2. Paul McCartney

Jim Sturgess

Jim Sturgess would be an excellent selection to portray the iconic Paul McCartney in a Beatles’ biopic. Sturgess is an English actor who is also a singer. His hit role was in 2007’s “Across the Universe.” 

Tom Holland 

He got the looks, the antics, and talent. Tom Holland is the perfect choice to play Paul McCartney, a young actor portraying the young McCartney during their early years when the Beatles were rather young. 


3. George Harrison


Dhani Harrison

Dhani grew up with his father’s music, so who better to play George Harrison in the biopic than his son. He has produced numbers from television and film such as the 2013’s “Beautiful Creatures” and Netflix’s “Dogs”.

Jason Schwartzman

Mostly because of the mustache, Jason effectively seems exactly like the late Beatle. You can check the photos.

4. Ringo Starr


Tom Dunlea

Tom Dunlea could perform as the great Ringo Starr in a Beatles biopic. Dunlea is a fresh British musician and actor and is ready to catch a break in a movie. He definitely has the looks of a young Ringo Starr. 

Charlie Day

A left-field pick, however, if you’re working to produce a movie about a man famed for giving the beats of the Beatles, you might as well pick him, right? Charlie Day has the cracker appeal and captivating appearance to play Ringo Starr. Try him, go for it, Hollywood execs!