Why Axl Rose Should Continue with AC/DC

Whole Lotta “Axl” Rosie

Axl Rose is one of a kind frontman who has a distinctive voice.The way he uses excessive mask singing makes his voice unique than anyone else. Some singers started singing solely because of him. But sadly, the distinctive style has stressed his throat too much and made his voice quality in a down low. Although, he still manages to make his voice kind of harsh, which sounds incredibly great. And that is why he was the perfect replacement for Brian Johnson (and at some point, he’s getting better now).

All that said, most people had mixed feelings about the whole thing Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson as the AC/DC’s new frontman. Personally, I was kind of appreciative when AC/DC chose to commit and finish their Rock or Bust Tour and some people were lucky enough to be able to see AC/DC shows.

Well, of course, after hearing the news, we all have thought that the “Axl” thing would have been a complete disaster, but after seeing him crushing every AC/DC’s hit songs, the band really made a good decision. I really believe Axl did sound great performing with AC/DC and the group should really consider continuing with him and release at least one album with him.

Axl Rose is without a doubt one of the best and most original hard rock voices I have heard. And it will be great to see how things will play out if he continues fronting for the legendary rock band AC/DC.

You should check the video below, AC/DC’s Back In Black with Axl Rose for you to be able to picture what I mean. In this performance, he is definitely BACK, the Axl Rose we once knew!