Why Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” Made It Big

via Cyndi Lauper / Youtube

Cyndi Lauper began her career in a big way, with an album that contains great musical productions. She’s So Unusual was released in 1983, which is loaded with all of Lauper’s vocal power and of course a masterful song: ‘Time After Time’.

“Time After Time” is a song written by singer Cyndi Lauper and musician Rob Hyman, it is the second single from their debut album, She’s So Unusual (1983).

The song was produced by Rick Chertoff and released as a single on January 27, 1984. It was well-received commercially, and is her second-best charting single, after “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

The writing began with the title, which Lauper had seen in a magazine, ‘Time After Time’ (1979). It is made up of simple keyboard synth chords, guitar, percussion, and simple bass line.

In 2006, Lauper gave an interview, she stated that most of the song was about her life and the time she spent recording it in the studio.

Cyndi Lauper recognized that this composition is autobiographical and that it was written in the dead spaces of a recording in the studio of her record company. The title was taken from a homonymous film (‘Time After Time) that Malcolm McDowell starred in in 1979.

A romantic anthem of the eighties, this song by Cyndi Lauper and musician Rob Hyman, a member of The Hooters, sold more than a million copies and its video clip was one of the first to create passions on television music channels, greatly collaborating measure to its worldwide promotion. In her initial images, you can see a piece of the film ‘El Jardín de Ala’, from 1936. As usual in her, her mother, her brother, and her boyfriend at that time also appear. The recording took place at his home.

‘Time after time’ was nominated for a Grammy for best song in 1985. But it did not win the award.