Why Greta Van Fleet’s Singer Visits Graveyards An Hour A Day

via Greta Van Fleet / Youtube

Greta Van Fleet, the young and talented rock band, has been making waves with their latest album ‘Starcatcher.’ In a recent interview with Forbes, vocalist Josh Kiszka and bassist Sam Kiszka shed light on the album’s inspirations and their unique songwriting process. Among the intriguing revelations was Josh’s unusual daily ritual of visiting graveyards for inspiration, a practice that had a profound impact on their musical journey.

A Macabre Muse: The Graveyard Connection

During the creation of ‘Starcatcher,’ producer Dave Cobb suggested an unconventional approach to unlock the subconscious realm of songwriting for vocalist Josh Kiszka. Intrigued by the idea, Josh began to take walks to graveyards, spending hours soaking up the unique energy of these spaces. Explaining this intriguing ritual, Josh said:

“I would take walks, an hour here or there just to go sit in a graveyard somewhere and soak up the energy and let the environment drive the subconscious to, with very little parameters, arrive on a concept or an idea and communicate that.”

Unearthing the Unseen: Graveyard’s Influence on ‘Starcatcher’

The haunting atmosphere of the graveyards seeped into the essence of ‘Starcatcher,’ leaving an indelible mark on the thematic aspects of the album’s lyrics. As Josh listened back to the recorded songs, he realized the subtle yet profound influence that these graveyard visits had on the album’s creative process. He shared:

“I think in a lot of ways, I am hearing things now in the thematic aspects of the lyrics, what they’re getting at, that I didn’t when we were writing it or recording it.”

Furthermore, ‘Starcatcher’ stands as a momentous snapshot of the band’s growth and evolution at that particular time. Sam Kiszka highlighted this aspect, saying:

“It really captures the essence of the moment and the time… it really captures everything that’s going on in that moment.”

Literary Growth: Josh Kiszka’s Personal Perspectives

As the band continues to evolve, so does Josh’s lyrical prowess. In ‘Starcatcher,’ he delves into more personal themes, touching on different perspectives, including some of his own. Sam praised his brother’s writing, stating:

“I think he’s at his literary peak as a lyricist and as a writer… he’s taking some different perspectives, and they’re unique.”

The band’s openness to exploring personal themes is evident in Josh’s recent Instagram post, where he courageously expressed his support for the LGBTQ+ community and revealed his loving same-sex relationship with his partner of eight years. This candid revelation adds another layer of depth and authenticity to Greta Van Fleet’s music.