Why Is The “White Album” So Outstandingly Unique

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The Classic Beatles Album

Any Beatles album can be automatically called a classic, — but what makes the White Album so unique with the others? Well, just by the nature of it, it’s hard to label the record as a “vanity project,” and this is because of a simple reason – it was conceived, created, and recorded as a double album, plus it contains guests musician contributions.

The creation of the White Album consisted of Paul’s lovely contributions, “Blackbird” ( which he managed to record himself using an acoustic guitar and a metronome’s click), “I Will” (took them 67 takes in the studio, and this concludes that John and Ringo had a tremendous amount of patience). One more unique thing happened to this song,  Paul did not play the bass on the track – he made a vocal sounds bass similarly to a doo-wop singer.

George Harrison provided what’s to be considered the greatest song and the best track on “The White Album” – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” which featured Eric Clapton. And one of his lovely contributions were “Long Long Long,” and Savoy Truffle” – and they were a real wild card  – they gave a bluesy and soulful groove that sounds contemporary even to this very day.


John, of course, would contribute a beautiful and hypnotic song, “Julia” which he recorded by himself, using a finger-picking pattern that he learned by  Donovan when they were in India studying with the Maharishi. The only song that the Beatles were John recorded solo, and it turns out to be one of John’s most beautiful and heartfelt songs.

“Revolution 1,” the version that has the “Shoo be Doo bah” vocal backgrounds. John strongly encourages the listener to “change your head.”

There are many songs on this album, and there’s so much brilliance that would safely acknowledge “The White Album” as both “Classic” and “Unique in a special way.”