Why Jeff Beck Had A $10m Insurance Policy

via Letterman / Youtube

People have always been fascinated by celebrities from different fields, like athletes, actors, and musicians. Rock stars are especially popular, with legends like Mick Jagger, Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, and Robert Plant having captured our hearts and imagination. Jeff Beck, who was considered one of the greatest guitar players of all time by Rolling Stone, had a net worth of $18 million in 2022. To maintain his longevity in music, Beck had to take care of his health and even took a unique step to protect himself – he took out an insurance policy to safeguard his livelihood after an injury.

Jeff Beck was born in England on June 24, 1944. He went to Wimbledon Art College and got his start in music in 1965 when he joined The Yardbirds. He later formed the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, but the group broke up due to personal differences. Throughout his career, Beck worked with some of the biggest names in rock music, including Bon Jovi, Mick Jagger, and Roger Waters.

He released several solo albums, including “You Had It Coming” in 2001 and “Jeff” in 2003. Beck was nominated for 17 Grammy Awards and won 8 of them. Despite a successful career, Jeff Beck passed away in 2023 at the age of 78 after a short battle with bacterial meningitis.

Jeff Beck had a thriving music career that relied on his exceptional guitar-playing skills. To safeguard these abilities, he made sure to take precautions in case of injury.

Unfortunately, in 2010, Jeff had a freak kitchen accident where he chopped off the tip of his finger. Instead of panicking, he held the finger together and quickly sought medical attention. With the help of the surgeon, his finger was treated without the need for stitches.

Despite the injury, Jeff managed to finish recording the tracks for “Over The Rainbow” with only three of his fingers functioning. After the incident, Jeff insured his fingers for $10 million, valuing each finger at $1 million.